Selling Your Business

You have spent years building towards this stage! Getting here may have been a dream of yours for a long time or, this situation may have been forced upon you from circumstances outside of your control. Whatever the reason for your decision you now get to 'cash-out' and take your reward for the years of toil you dedicated towards building your business.


Your family and those closest to you will have seen you navigate through the onslaught of obstacles that have been thrown at you, compounded with a sizeable dose of consistent stress and pressure that comes with the territory of being a successful business owner.


The years of effort are finally coming to a crescendo and it is critical that your Exit is crafted elegantly so that your legacy, your business and the team that you have built can continue to prosper and grow.


Unless you have sold a business in the past it is unlikely that you will understand how taxing the process can actually be if it is not managed correctly.


The team at Blue Square are, like you, entrepreneurs that been in the trenches running their own businesses.  Our focus is helping you Exit your business in an ethical ‘win-win’ deal and then to develop your business and help it to prosper into the future.

Sectors of Interest

We are mainly interested in acquiring businesses operating in the following sectors:

  • Building Maintenance

  • Facility Services

  • Facilities Management

  • Fire Alarm Installation

  • Security (CCTV to concierge)

  • Business Support Services